On the 6th of August, 1910, which Mrs. Maria Laura Gargiulo was roasting a new blend of coffee in her shop on Via Casa Rosa in Piano di Sorrento which she ran with her sister, Concetta, and her father, Giuseppe, she started to feel the symptoms of birth pangs. Even though she was expecting a baby, she didn't want to give up roasting her coffee. She said that her son had come to life smelling that wonderful fragrance. For this reason, she asked the midwife to join her in the shop and help give birth to her son. On the 7th of August at sunrise, Giuseppe was born. Since then, and for more than 80 years, Giuseppe Maresca has created, tasted, and let people taste the coffee blends that carry his very own name!

"OUR THING" Apparel is pleased to present to our customers MARESCA ORO (GOLD), Caffe Maresco's signature wood-smoked coffee. Available in whole beans, or ground. Click each link below to purchase, and make MARESCA ORO "YOUR THING!"

The delicious and aromatic blend of “Maresca Oro” combines the best qualities of Arabica coffee such as Guatemala Offshore, the Maragogype, Colombia and Santos “Fancy Supreme”; 100% Arabica is available in packs of 500 g. Whole Bean or 500g. Ground Bean

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